Why Stage?  

Strategic Staging Real Estate to Sell! 

In today’s Florida real estate market, a winning strategy  for selling your property requires a professional staging.  Strategic staging to sell your home, commercial property, ALF, Sober Living residence, treatment or detox center, investment properties, or your luxury waterfront condo, choosing your staging specialist is a consideration of utmost proportion. Simply stated, working with our Florida interior design & property staging pros guarantees you, our client, with a ‘competitive edge’ when selling any property…South Beach to Southwest Ranches, Hollywood Beach to Jensen Beach, Palm Bay to Disney World (Orlando), Las Olas Interiors Design. Decor & Staging Company maximizes our Client’s experiece by implementing our Strategic Staging & Sales System, customized for each client.  

Our residential staging (homes, condos, townhouses, yachts) & commercial staging formula (e.g. Recovery residence, group home, sober living, half-way houses, ALF, Detox and treatment centers) evidences the actual value received by hiring Las Olas Interiors Staging Strategists.  


Our formula for successful staging considers:

● Daily total cost of client’s property,

● Keeping costs low,

● Reducing costs, in part, by minimizing the duration or number of days your property is up for sale or “or “on the market,” (DOM or “Days on Market”)

Utilizing our formula with a real world example highlights the actual value attributed to hiring your

local real estate staging specialist

Cost per Day of Property x Days on Market  (DOM)



Home Staging Services



Occupied Home Staging

This service is comprised of a thorough walk through of the property from exterior to interior and will give a bullet point list as to what the seller needs to do to prepare the home for sale. This small investment will give a fresh eye to the seller as to what may turn potential buyers off and many times, they are small projects that will make a large impact.

Vacant Home Staging


Many buyers have trouble envisioning a warm home when looking at a vacant property. Therefore Elite provides stylish furniture, for rental or for purchase, to help buyers see the properties full potential and true room sizes. Concentrating on the main rooms of the home, first impressions being at the top, we will give buyers the first impression they are looking for to prompt an offer.

Additional Services

• Painting

• Cleaning

• Light Fixtures

• Curb Appeal

• Landscaping

• Home Repairs

• Pool Cleaning

• Concrete Painting

Home Management Services


Holding licensure for community association management, services provided are with the expertise and resources to help protect the value of your property through routine and preventative maintenance, along with unbeatable customer service and attention to detail. Please examine our wide variety of services that we offer below.

Guest Relations and Management

• 24/7 on call guest and client support

Housekeeping and Turnover Services

• Coordination of cleaning services

• Property inspection after each guest departure

• Maintaining and Restocking of household supplies including; propane tank refills, soaps and shampoos, dishwasher tabs, laundry soap, HVAC filters, dishwasher soap. Owners are responsible for replacement of all linens and towels.

• Periodic deep cleaning

Property Maintenance

• Coordination and supervision regularly scheduled service providers (pool, lawn, pest, irrigation, etc.)

• Coordination and supervision of periodic preventative maintenance services (pest warranty, inspections, etc.)

• Coordination of contracted repair work

• Periodic inspection major property systems (HVAC, water flow, appliances, etc.)

• Place tablets in a/c drain line to help prevent buildup and clogs

• Maintenance of a property maintenance log

• Simple household repairs not requiring a licensed contractor will be taken care of by manager or managers agent, if possible, at a rate of $50/hour.

Staging Value Example:

Listing that has NOT been staged…

$200,000 Condo $1500 mortgage $200 fees, HOA, etc.

$1700/month divided by 30 days = $57 cost per day

$57 per day, unsold x 270 days (Average listing)


Arguably, stale property loses 1% each month it sits…We will spare you the worsening math. The fact is our most recent project, a home in Fort lauderdale’s “Tides” development, staged and sold in two weeks! (Hyperlinks. “home in’ goes to tides portfolio and “staged…” LINK to Contact form).

Regardless of the current real estate climate, if buyers perceive increased inventory; if home or business owners believe there are plenty of affordable options, stacking the deck in your favor is critical. In fact, our team of real estate professionals have tracked our projects over the past 2 years and without a doubt, our clients are seeing, on average, a 20% increase in value upon closing the sale.  Likewise, over 90% of residential or commercial properties that are professionally staged sell within one month

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